Turning the Cogs

Building data to help more cyclists get to the start line

A data-led research project aiming to increase the diversity of startline at cycling events all around the world. Our survey is now closed for analysis. A report of our findings will be available early 2023 – sign up below to receive the results. All folks and spokes welcome!

What we are doing:

We believe that change should be based on data. And that to have a real impact, we need to understand exactly what riders are experiencing. Our first step was to launch a survey aiming to reach as many riders as possible who already enjoy cycling as a regular pastime. We particularly wanted to hear from those who are part of an under-represented area of cycling; however, it was open to everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

Why this is needed:

Cycling has taken off in recent years, bringing many of us joy mentally and physically. However, despite the rapid growth on the roads and trails with more and more diverse groups appearing, the starting lines of events are lagging behind in reflecting the world around us – and we want to know why. We are currently analysing the results of the survey to answer this question.

Who can be part of this:

Anyone with a love of bikes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already participated in an event, are an experienced racer, or have never had an interest in cycling events. We want to listen to your experiences and thoughts, so together we can make events inclusive for the full spectrum of riders. A free results report will be available early 2023. If you are interested in receiving this, sign up below to be notified as soon as it’s released.

We need you to bring your bike to the table.

Powered by you, this project aims to build a comprehensive evidence base, helping us collectively understand how to build greater diversity and inclusion at cycling events. Our research is focused on answering four important questions:


What are the hard barriers that stop individuals from being included or showing up to the start line (e.g. financial or political)?


What are the friction points that make it more difficult for some people to take part (e.g. societal pressures, knowledge or perceived safety)?


Good work is happening. But are current incentives supporting participation in cycling events aligned with what’s needed and on offer?


What do event organisers need to do (or keep doing) to welcome a full spectrum of riders to their events and give them a positive experience?

Making sure we have impact.

So what will happen with all this data?

The insights and data from the survey will be brought back to the cycling community in a few ways:

  • We will be sharing key data points and the key findings of the survey on our website and social media channels, starting early 2023 onwards. This information will be free and can be used by anyone to help support the shift!
  • We are working with leading companies, organisations and community leaders. We aim to run workshops and sessions to discuss solutions that can be implemented and measured in creating the changes needed.
  • Through you! Your insights will help us see things that have been hiding in plain sight waiting to get the cogs turning. We can’t wait to find out what they are!

Now is the time for action!

We are in the midst of the perfect storm.

We can see there is huge appetite for change. We have been overwhelmed with interest from race organisers, communities, media and journalists on an international scale. Alongside this, hundreds of riders have shared their initial thoughts.

Taking a wider view, we know the number of folks enjoying cycling is higher than ever. Covid and lockdown have led to a new wave of riders and a rise in the number of new communities. These individuals and groups are going from strength to strength.

Let’s welcome these cyclists to the start line with open arms and give everyone the opportunity to show up and take part.

Can you already see plenty of riders just like you on the start line?

No problem, we all are part of the solution in different ways. Please dismount, grab a recovery shake, and actively support turning the cogs: share our project amongst your network (virtual and real), and sign up below if you fit one of the profiles. Thank you for your allyship!

If, you understand what we are doing and believe wholeheartedly events include and welcome all folks and spokes. Sign up below to stay involved, and please share this far and wide!

This is just the start

Pedal towards positive change

We will only use your details to contact you about the survey and will never share them with third parties.

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